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8 Great Ideas for Better Mobile App Marketing

By 2021, the Global In-app spend will reach around $201 billion.?

There has been continuous increase in the mobile users, and by default mobile app users across the globe tend to raise too. With this, the mobile marketing strategies have taken a different and more effective course. In-app offers and more other promotional opportunities through mobile apps can keep a customer engaged and inclined towards using them more. When it comes to their utilization in everyday activities then the possibilities are undeniably unending. It is because of the ongoing transmission of huge amounts of information, which ordinary communication devices could not do.

Mobile is not just a device for calling anymore, it has revolutionized the way business is being done. This medium can broader your communication channels globally. Mobile phones have turned from luxury to need. The device has been integrated into activities of our everyday lives. Majority, of the population has been relying on smartphones to get through simple tasks in their daily routine. According to Pew Research Centre – developed country like United State accounted to 96 percent of its population, having access to mobile phones. Whereas, developing country such as, India alone contributed up to 64 percent of its population, having ownership of the device.??

Whereas, Mobile app is a software application designed to run on mobile devices, such as ? phones, smartwatch, tablet etc. They are originally developed for the purpose of productivity assistance, such as ? calendar, contact database and email. Gradually, increased demand has been observed for apps in other industry lines like location-based services, mobile games, social media, online retail, order tracking, ticket purchase, etc. Apps are generally available to download from platforms which are operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as Google Play store and Apple App store. Again, there are two categories of apps in here? the ones that are free to download and the others require purchase. This division has been done, to distribute the profits between, the app creator and platform distributer. It has become a colossal point for both businesses and individuals, because of its incredible features and the opportunities that are being offered additional to their usage. They are observed to be a great strategy in keeping customers engaged with the brand, by offering unique selling features that drives more engagement than Web and give the company a competitive edge over their competition. Mobile applications are able to prompt both current and potential customers in interacting with the business. To be precise, any brand is right in the palm of customer?s hand. These applications are helpful in providing customers with easy access to businesses anytime and from anywhere. The steady usage of apps can aid in development of the brand and business. These apps help customers to browse, purchase, make payment, retain information and communicate with the company officials at any given point in time. Also, mobile apps have been increasingly becoming mandated mobile app marketing tools for businesses.

However, Mobile app marketing is a process of creating mobile app marketing campaigns? to reach your users at every stage of the marketing funnel. This process of engaging your app users throughout their entire experience with your app, such as ? discovering it, going through the requirements, and downloading it.? They are key digital marketing channels, which enables businesses in connecting with their target audience all the time, and also provide digital marketers a direct medium of interaction with the customers. Many creative marketing apps are being developed for the purpose of conducting online campaigns and to encourage brand engagement. Continual evolvement of consumer behaviour had made businesses adapting to strategies that are based on a core point of ?where their customers are?. As a result, companies are moving rapidly towards making mobile apps commonplace for business marketing tools and assets.? These marketing of mobile app works effectively in communicating with defined target audience, also helps in driving customer engagement, and loyal advocates for the brand?s products or services.? Also, apps provide a sense of personalized service to the customers, it helps in building customer value. Long-term customer loyalty can help in achieving higher customer retainment. Achieving both brand value and visibility are needed for a business to sustain in this competitive environment. Apps have the power in generating visibility to your business by making it available for many users online. If the app satisfies the user requirements then it will ultimately enhance the brand value.

Why mobile app marketing? What?s the difference between mobile app marketing and mobile marketing?

As discussed earlier, mobile app marketing guide is about creating marketing campaigns that interacts with your users at every stage of their life cycle, from their first download to becoming a regular user and brand advocate who makes many in-app purchases. The main focus lies in the effective performance of marketing activities designed specifically to attract new potential users, improve retention rates, and lower the churn rates. Whereas, Mobile marketing is any marketing activity that occurs on a mobile device, it need not be specific to certain app. It includes marketing from mobile display ads, to email marketing.

Also, the major difference between the mobile app and traditional marketing funnel is the utilization of marketing strategies in each stage, such as ? awareness, consideration, conversion, customer relationship, and retention. Irrespective of your business marketing a product/service, it is easy for customers to reach out when your business has an application of its own. Including mobile app, alongside website in your marketing mix can make it much easier for customers to communicate and voice out their concerns or opinions.

In this digital era, you need to build a long-term marketing plan for your Mobile app and create your own prominence in the mobile app market. To do that, here is a list of 8 great ideas for a better mobile app marketing:

For a clear direction, break down your promotional method into pre-launch and post-launch strategies:


1.Start promoting before the app actual launch

As soon as the concepts and mechanism of the app has been finalized, you can start marketing it. Early marketing approach will provide you with the time in figuring out who your ideal users are, also giving the users an opportunity to learn about your app and the benefits they will be receiving in return. Marketing of an app before the launch needs some initiatives to be taken, in order to create a buzz in the market and increase the anticipation of the users. Some of the activities, that are needed to be done include ? contacting publications, influencers, and bloggers in securing the backlinks and provide honest reviews.


According to Google reports, only 40 percent of mobile users tend to search for apps through the app store. Whereas, the rest will be discovering the apps through third-party promotional content like YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, influencer posts, online tutorials, and many other possible online platforms. Any brand is observed to resonate with the customers through company?s personalized message and positioning. Making customers aware of your app feasibility prior to the launch through solid mobile app launch marketing plan with ? better positioning, that can give the customers a chance to connect at a deeper level. Users always tend to prefer things that are newest and trending in the market. You need to take this opportunity in promoting your app in such a way that it grabs the attention of the users and make then curious to know more about the app functionalities.


An in-depth analysis of the market can give you valuable insights about your competition, such as ? their strategies, weakness and strengths. This will help your company in not committing any errors and being more conscious in your dealings. Also, it is suggested to research and identify more on influential blogs, websites, groups, and forums that generates information on target users? visits, and influencers the users follow on social media.?


2. Engage with potential customers


Communication plays a vital role in influencing customers perceptions regarding certain product. Their user experience can make them stay loyal to the company for long-term and also provide with insights that will help for further development of the app. For any app development company, the goal should be to solve the concerns and queries of desired customers. Customer engagement can provide you with instant feedback right through the development proves from your intended groups.


Interaction with customers can be initiated through any channels, such as website, social media, etc. There are tools available to help you in recognizing and connecting with the industry leaders and approach them for feedback.? Majority of the app failures are due to lack of prior customer feedback. Important players are to be identified in each specific app category. No matter how good your app and the marketing plan is, if your app does not address the points of concern, then there is high probability for failure in the market.? Customer engagement, is crucial for the success of your app, based on the information received through interaction you can make better and viable decisions about design, development, and marketing strategies of your app?s business.




Content is an essential part for any business. Right content delivery can establish solid foundation for an app before its actual launch. Many customers build a long-term loyal relationship with ? their brand based on reliable content they receive in reverse. Be ready with blogs content, months in advance to the app launch. Start with writing content for the launch post, the content should focus more on boosting app features, accompanied with relevant videos and images. Benefits received by writing quality content for your app includes:


  • Helps in being expert in your niche groups and creates a brand image for the app prior to the launch
  • Drive organic traffic and increase conversion rates?
  • Build brand awareness
  • Develop a connection with customers through reliable content
  • Similar content can be used for strategies like promotions on social media and email marketing


Also, the content for the blog can be related to your experiences while creating the app. Taking the customers through a ride with a story can create an emotional connection for the users. They will feel the valued through the experience, and at times provide feedback through interaction on the blog posts. Quality content always creates a sense of curiosity in the customers regarding the app launch and its workings.?


4.Launch a sneak-peak of the App


Before the app launch, curiosity will be the most powerful thing you will be owning. Building curiosity around your mobile app before launch, will be your growing point. Have you ever watched a movie teaser, got excited, spoke about it with people and made numerous researches on getting more sneak-peak of the movie before its launch??


If the answer is a yes, then that?s how we want the customers to feel about the app. Promotional methodology for an app before its launch or after should always focus on highlighting the points which helps in building their curiosity levels. By using this method, you can push the customers from being interested to excited. Visual aspects play a key role in the online marketing activities, specifically in the mobile apps. These teaser promotions help the users in seeing a visual sneak-peak of the app, instead of reading or hearing about it. These short clip videos should be posted on all the social networks of the company, and enable sharing option to increase user visibility for the app. Also, you may develop an email rundown of clients interested in your mobile app.?


5.Be prepared with Press Kit and Launch materials


A press-kit is a one-stop source, that contains all the information, images and context for why your app deserved a good review. A complete press kit will streamline the writing process, making sure you have everything needed. It includes the following:

  • Review guide: Highlighting the features like ? pricing, frequently asked queries, release information, and your contact database
  • Lifestyle images ? Photos that features your app in natural scenarios that highlights its use and value
  • Videos ? Video content that helps in enhancing the customer reach and impact of your marketing, for best compatibility upload them on most-used platforms like Vimeo or YouTube.
  • Screenshots ? As publications will be using these images in their write up, show the best features of your app through these images
  • Icons, logos, banners ? For print publications include .eps and for images for digital posts use .png


Before the launch, make sure to have your website fully equipped with video promos highlighting the key features and functionality of the app, accompanied with content in the form of blog post or press release. Narrow down the list of contacts to critics who are relevant to your industry and are inclined towards writing and reviewing the app. Pitch to these people needs to be concise and link that re-directs them to the landing page. If they are interested in writing about your app, then they know where to find you.


6.Get more feedback from customers


?The more the feedback, the better the end product. ?


An estimation of 2 million apps are available on the Google Play store and around 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App store. It is important to stand out from the crowd, for the app to be successful. For further downloads, you need to collect more and more feedback from the customers by the rating and review system of the app, or through any other social networking platforms. Also, you can include customer support contact details on your mobile app specifications, so that customers can personally interact with queries or comments that contribute towards both value creation to the user experience, and learning more insights/improvements that can be made to the functionality of the app. Receiving the feedback is just not the end point, respond and make changes in relation to it. Customer loyalty can be achieved when the customers are provided with personalized experience. Respond to their issues or queries immediately and resolve them.? User retention in app can be influenced through in-app notifications or messages sent, in order to communicate with the users. It is always suggested to maintain a two way communication with the users, to know any gaps in the service, or insights for further development.


7.Get reviews for the app


Do you look for app reviews before downloading it??


With easy availability of online information, most of the customers final decision is based on the reviews of other customers regarding the similar product. More reviews, can influence the SEO activity of the app. You can submit your app for reviews on online influencers blogs, video channels, social platforms, etc. Besides to that you can run your own YouTube channel, create and publish videos on demonstrating how to use the app while dealing with specific issues. When your app answers the most asked customer queries, then people who are looking for solutions to their problems online, can view your videos and convert into potential leads for the app.?


If the procedure of the apps looks simpler and useful, then there are high chances in users downloading the applications and are much likely to give it a try. Make sure, to never go overboard with information that?s been explained or demonstrated online, because it can make a simple app, complicated to understand for some people. Demonstrate it in a simpler way, capturing the customers interest in downloading and using the app.?


8.App Store Optimization (ASO)


With over 2 million apps on app stores, getting to view your app by the user is one of the major issues mobile app developers face these days. The goal of ASO is to drive intense traffic to your app?s page in the app store, so user searching can take a specific action like downloading the app. According to Forrester, 63 percent of apps are discovered through app store searches. If you are not using ASO to increase your app?s ranking, then you are ought to be missing out on opportunities available to your app.


ASO is a process of optimizing a mobile app?s marketing copy, involving title, icon, keywords, description, screenshots, and customer reviews, to rank higher on app store search results. It is often described as SEO for app store. Always, place right keywords or the most searched keywords in the title and description for your users to easily find you. If your app is ranked highly in search for certain keyword, then trust us it will continue to rank that way for months after. For an added bonus to your users, place screenshots and videos of your app operations, giving a quick glance of what they are about to experience, and also piquing their interests.?


The main goals of your mobile app marketing mix must be, making sure your mobile app stand out from millions of apps available on the app market. Standing out and building a community for yourself is essential for the survival of your app in this cutthroat market. Mobiles, by their nature, allow you to create a long-term relationship between you and your customers. In mobile app marketing, you impose the rules. And with evolution of app stores, you need app marketing more than ever, to reach your target audience.?


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